Rewilding solutions for the sustainable future of your business in the arctic

Arctic Rewild

About us
We are the sustainable project that presents the solutions to stop Arctic thaw and reduce fossil fuels emissions, stop destruction of infrastructure in the Arctic

Starting in Alaska but hopefully producing a scalable model so hopefully many areas can take on this initiative.

Tackle Artic permafrost thaw
Via a process of rewilding. In doing this we will begin to restore areas of the Arctic back to their historic ecosystems–specifically Arctic trophic, Pleistocene Megafauna rewilding
Engage with local governments
To implement rewilding strategies whilst employing local people to manage the process
Empower communities
By giving them the tools to do what they do best

Large scale introduction of large herbivores such as horses and bison to the Arctic landscapes in an endeavor to restore the 'mammoth steppe' grassland ecosystem and carry out megafaunal ecosystem engineering
To stop climate change
By raising funds from global partnerships by encouraging SDG action within businesses we hope to partner with local governments to implement this initiative

Grazing animals could help to stop permafrost thaw
Arctic infrastructure is in danger
Oil and gas companies
Coming soon
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